“The resulting brand identity finds power in simplicity. With it’s mysterious, minimal, black and white aesthetic and photographic treatment, Joule’s brand and ensuing marketing touch points are intently dramatic, speaking to the hopeful, visionary personality of the company and its target audience. Even the common symbol of a lightning bolt has been streamlined for effect, reduced to two precisely-shaped triangles that breathe new life into the timeworn icon.

“The accompanying typography was custom-designed with diagonal endpoints that complement the lightning bolt logo, and this same visual theme of angularity then recurs throughout the design style — creating a sense of cohesiveness and individuality that is central to branding.

“In addition to the brand identity, we have produced Joule’s stationery set, promotional video, website and corporate profile. We are also currently developing a smartphone app that allow Joule’s clients to remotely monitor their energy production and capacity in real time.”

Designed by Simple Integrated Marketing