“Esquina do Avesso is a fusion restaurant that promotes an uncompromising encounter of cultures with traditional Portuguese cuisine.

“More than an usual rebranding, this project involved a strong concern with the understanding of what was the former image of the space, which was pre-dated, and therefore we had the concern of providing it a new look. A new image, accompanied by a new name but without leaving the same physical space, a new image that was worried about keeping track of what already existed in order to avoid a radical break: elegant, but at the same time modernist, a paradigm highlighted through the contrast between earthy colors and green water.

“The menu from Esquina do Avesso is constantly changing, and that is precisely what we seek to represent in this project through a more uncompromising side, creating a version of the logo that is constant but that is accompanied by a changing signature. Thus, we reveal this existing duality between the more casual side and the more extravagant one through the menu, deconstructing it and breaking a regular construction of an editorial grid with unorthodox joints, such as completing the first page of the menu with a short history of the restaurant.”

Designed by Another Collective