“Saying that mishmash aims to be a contemporary office supplies reference brand would be somewhat reductive. The cause/effect relationship, and the reasons that led to its creation, make it a distinct brand and devoid of notable concerns in other specialty brands.

“We were invited to interpret a new way to see the brand by the two founders of the project and to build all its graphic identity.

“mishmash seeks to deconstruct the office space, thinking it in several layers and adding the various components of each object. Thus, it was important to realize the interference space that basic communication graphic materials would have. Therefore, it was decided to give some space to the brand’s objects instead of the usual ways to communicate, such as logos or slogans. The communicator of mishmash should be, par excellence, the notebook, the desktop or the shelf.

“mishmash looks for new ways to design office supplies, contrasting a clear taste for minimalism with a elaborate and meticulous choice of materials.”

Designed by Another Collective