“I mean juice introduced New York style cleanse juice made by traditional cold press method for the first time to Korean market. It has lots of fans on Instagram but doesn’t have unified brand identity and unique concept considering its rapid growth. So they came to our office in 2015 to do brand renewal for new development.

“There were many types of detox juices or pressed juices in the market back then and they usually used catchy phrases or organic feeling for marketing. I mean juice had energetic feeling using vivid colors and unique English naming so we decided to strengthen those concepts. Inspirational words were “Drug store” and “Tennis”. They wanted to position the product as health supplement in the market so we referred to drug or vitamin packages and reinterpreted classic tennis court and fashion brand to express sportive feeling.

“Newly created identity of I mean juice reminded of classic tennis court or energetic drug store. We matched different fruits with cobalt blue color to express refreshing feeling and actively utilized nutrition label in the back of product. We also used stripes and check patterns to display sportive feeling and added icons for each name of juice that shows the owner’s bubbly personality to make it look fun. Now I mean juice is expanding its business area to salad so changed their name to I mean green and their main brand color is green. However, they are still maintaining the brand identity that we created for them so we are very excited to see the future of I mean green.”