“Maisonette (www.maisonette.com) is a children’s e-tailer, offering a curated selection of the best children’s brands on the market. Founded by Vogue alumni Sylvana Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, the website stocks hundreds of brands – from cult, international and up-and-coming labels – in one convenient, stylish online home.

“As a high-end destination for all things children, the visual identity explores the playful point of view of a child juxtaposed with grown-up sophistication. A colorful doodle pattern is the hero in a joyful visual identity elevated with gold foil and a vibrant blue throughout implementations. The symbol – a nod to the definition of maisonette (little house) and its initial M – can be paired with the logotype or detached to work as a secondary logo or avatar.”

Designed by Lotta Nieminen