“PenínsulaTres is a high end magazine with valuable content for professionals and businessman, who have a unique vision about politics, culture, luxury and society.

“The name PenínsulaTres is based on three principal attributes: respect, class and commitment. Three also is the number of states in the Yucatan Peninsula, where this magazine will be distributed.
While creating this brand the main inspiration was “The Stork Club”, one of the most popular clubs in New York between 1929 and 1965. This club was the social meeting point for movie stars, writers, politicians and artists a place to relax and hear about the latest news, therefore it became an important reference for New York elite society.

“The identity, graphics and editorial design look up to reminisce the most important values of the traditional journalism, and add up the best printed and digital communication strategies to offer an exclusive and high quality journalism.”

Designed by Bienal Comunicación