“Pimp My Team has the ambition to dust off promotional object market. Based in Lille, this young agency is already among the most important French actors in promotional communication. Their success stems from an avant-garde state of mind: a zero-fault requirement, an ability to propose solutions and surpass the initial ideas of their customers. This approach to the trade has ensured them so far a development without false note.

“The team contacted us to rethink a brand identity conceived in a way too artisanal. We embraced this high potential project to initiate a complete overhaul of the graphic and verbal territory of the brand.

“The new Pimp My Team identity is a raw, colorful and bold graphic object.

“It translates what the company is: a concentrate of clarity, joviality and rigor. An unexpected logo that breaks the conventions, harmoniously blending straight corners and soothing curves. It is the seal that reassures and the curiosity that attracts, seriousness and pleasure. Like magnets, colored circles flatter the eye and contrast with the radicality of black characters. They tell the promise of the company as an obvious: “pimp my type”, Pimp My Team!

“On the basis of the new logo, we developed in unison the typographic, color, visual and verbal territory of Pimp My Team, resulting in a branding mixing vivacity, self-confidence and humor. The typographic articulation, between the radicality of Px Grotesk and the impact of Bourton, supplemented by the design of a custom type based on the logo, allows to vary the tone according to the supports. The brand’s new baseline – Bureau des Affaires Pimpantes (in French, “affaires” has a dual meaning, “business” and “possessions”) – as well as a series of claims that decomplex the business of promotional objects.

“We also did the art direction and set design of the first photo campaign (by Sylvain Bardin), with graphic and audacious compositions.”

Designed by Brand Brothers