“Primary is a new co-working concept that blends health and wellness into the workplace. We were tasked with creating a sophisticated but approachable identity that resonates with their health conscious and savvy entrepreneur audience. We began collaborating with the Primary team before a space was secured, allowing the brand strategy and identity to help inform the overall feeling of the space.

“The Primary identity is based on specific color psychology. We developed a generative based platform that creates unique logos depending on desired moods or time of day. The mix of colors help shape the atmosphere of a room, office or specific piece of collateral. Different hues are used for different activities. For example, a Bikram yoga class would involve more heat and intensity than a meditation class, so the colors would vary accordingly. Additionally, each member or employee will be given an individual sphere matching their personality. The identity is a living and breathing experience that can evolve and change.

“Primary’s identity is unique and flexible. The team is able to create spheres for different classes, events and personalities. The airy but accessible identity supports the brand’s mission – creating a refined and thoughtful space that nourishes its member’s businesses while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The first location opened its doors in the New York’s Financial District May 2016. Plans are in the works for Flatiron and Toronto.”

Designed by DIA