“My Green Cup is a hearty specialty coffee place opened in the XIII. district of Budapest, Újlipótváros. This area is densely packed with icecream-coloured Bauhaus buildings and small scale ventures creating a charming environment.

“My Green Cup reflects this affectionate, homely atmosphere of the neighbourhood with a cosy interior design by POSITION Collective (position-collective.com). The “My Green Cup” appellation originates from the jewel of the place, a custom made deep green Synesso espresso machine. Each and every coffee shop is determined by its espresso machine thus My Green Cup decided to highlight this phenomenon and center the whole identity around it. Therefore the visuals are celebrating the power of colour, one distinctive tone which is the key element of the brand identity.

“The figural logo is a growing coffee plant which notices the fragile origins of coffee beans.

“On the business and loyalty cards green aquarelle blots appear, which are scanned versions of random green aquarelle spills on wet paper. This is a gentle reminder of how coffee itself is actually a beautiful paint when its accidentally flows out on paper notes or napkins creating surprisingly pretty patterns.

“Even the graphic artworks on the wall (carried out by Levente Csordás) are following the colour codes – the drawings are portraying the district’s ambience and the regular customers in a dark green tone.”

Designed by Eszter Laki