“When choosing a present for our beloved ones, friends or colleagues, we usually think of what he or she likes, what we would like to receive as a gift, how it will position ourselves, which are the trendy gifts… That is hundreds of questions to ask, ideas to think of and places to visit before we make our final choice and wait impatiently for the appreciation of our gift by the addressee. This prompted us to think of a gift store concept that would make the whole story from buying a present to its opening a beautiful and inspiring one.

“When working on the concept, we derived from the core meaning of the gift – that is to reflect our appreciation of a person’s passions, our love, respect and admiration towards him or her. We found our inspiration in Adelie penguin species’ love confession ritual during which male penguins gifted a stone to the preferred female as a symbol of love and their future «home».

“Thus, “Adelie & the Stone” concept store was created, where each present – be it a flower or a travel set, was meant to serve as a stone for something bigger, become the beginning of a new story, one that makes life more beautiful, inspiring and unforgettable.

“The idea was fulfilled with the concept of composing a gift set consisting of “foundation stones” for every possible situation and occasion – from cooking to travel, from housewarming to Christmas, accompanied by a unique copyright on the items or the set box, reflecting the purpose of the gift, the moments we want to make unforgettable and unique.

“A show room of “Adelie & the Stone” was set up in one of the shopping centers in Yerevan, Armenia, which became a hot spot for unique, personalized and meaningful gift hunters. «Adelie & the Stone» gradually transformed into a mood industry generator that offered a range of mood services, which are being presented in gift, flower, interior show rooms with intention to widen its scope as a provider of happy moments.”

Designed by Markt Creative