“Gather builds brands and marketing campaigns for the social good. Led by Simon Isaacs, a leading thinker in cause-marketing and grassroots movement building, Gather serves as an external chief-marketing officer working intimately with the world’s leading nonprofits, foundations and corporations to build and run some of the largest and most impactful campaigns for social good.

“Simon was interested in a simple, straight-forward yet impactful identity for this new venture. The logotype conveys a sense of movement and change and the industrial, hardworking letterforms imbues a feeling of strength and reliability; the combined qualities at the foundation of Gather. We intentionally kept a minimal color palette to highlight the natural textures of the application materials and supporting imagery.

“We designed Gather’s first holiday gift, a custom labeled bottle of maple syrup and greeting card, inspired by Simon’s roots in Vermont. The theme of the gift was sweet new beginnings — a wish for his friends, colleagues, and clients as well as a nod to the launch of Gather. We have been honored to partner with Gather on many incredible projects including Beespace, Aeras, Future Fortified, and Rock the Vote.”

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